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Midge Head Net - "The Stopper"

 Home of the Midge!

Midge hood designed by us and made for us in Scotland.

We also sell packs of plain midge netting, 150cm wide (60 inches), in 1.1, 3 or 20 metre lengths. Keep out the midgie!

As seen on TV! Cruising With Jane McDonald

Midge Head Net (also called hood) - £7.99
Midge netting small - 1.1m x 1.5m - £4.99
Midge netting large - 3.0m x 1.5m - £11.99
Midge netting jumbo - 20.0m x 1.5m -   £59.99
 Midgie Head Net -
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 Made in Scotland
 by Totally Herby. UK 1st class P&P only £3.95 per Order
Worldwide midge airmail also 3.95 GBP.
Charities e.g. Act4Africa get a generous discount.
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Head net colours: Black, white, green, pink, blue and stone.

 Scottish Midge left  Scottish Midge right
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To complement your head net, we sell
Care Plus midge repellent.
 midge repellent sprays and sun protection

By popular demand we also sell plain midge netting,
150cm (60 inch) wide, in handy packs of 1.1 or 3 metres long,
or the jumbo insect netting pack of 20metres long (0.75 Kg).
This is the same material we make our head nets with.

We still have some dark navy Midge Head Nets, old style fabric, which are being sold off for £3.49 as clearance items.

Midgie Head Nets are sold in shops around Scotland,
Wales and the Lake District, or you can buy direct from
our central Totally Herby Secure Website with EV SSL.

Shops: check out the Midge Net trade page.
To sell our products contact Totally Herby.
 Midgie Head Net for
 maximum protection,
 comfort and visibility.
Top diameter 23cm,
Width of net 35cm
(70cm around head),
Height 45cm with
Collarette of 6 cm.
Weight 23gms (1 oz).
 pink and stone nets.  black and white nets.  blue and green nets.
If you can see the mesh of any net with your naked eye, the midges will probably be able to get through it. You would need very good eyesight to see our mesh, it is an ultrafine mesh specially chosen for Scottish midges, with approximately 2,500 holes per square inch.

In high midgie season with clouds of midges, extra protection is needed and you're best wearing a midge head net. We tried many midge nets, (and were pleased to have them!), but we found many insect nets were uncomfortable, had poor visibility, were mosquito nets with mesh too coarse to stop midges, or allowed midges to crawl up under the puckered elastic at the bottom of the midge hood. Some nets were so big they folded over the eyes and obscured vision. After research and much head scratching (not just from the midgie!), we designed and made our own here in Scotland.

Our midgie head net, also known as a midge hood, has a showerproof breathable microfibre top, and very fine soft mesh material for excellent visibility and comfort. It is shaped in loosely at the neck with elastic, and best of all is our innovative snug-fit collarette, which flexibly drapes itself over or under T-shirt, polo shirt or jacket collar. It is also completely suitable as a mosquito net. Note: our net fits over the head and under, but not over, a hat.

The high Quality lightweight midge net packs in a small resealable grip-seal bag. It is safe to use with Care Plus Natural which we now distribute instead of Stop Bite, our natural midge repellent (currently unavailable), which we soak tested the head net with.

 Midgie Head Net for
 maximum protection,
 comfort and visibility. After requests from bowlers who dress in whites, we found a suitable clear white netting material. We think black has the best visibility overall, a bit like wearing sunglasses. White has better visibility in the shade, but when light catches it you get a shimmer, or haze as in picture; same for pink, stone, blue and green.

If you already have itchy midgie or other insect bites, try our natural herbal Itch Ease. Use Sting Ease to soothe wasp and bee stings, and refreshing Toots Ease foot spray with rosemary, for hot tired feet.

Check out our midge facts for more than you really want to know about Scottish midges.

 midge Often you'll be putting the head net on with clouds of midges about, so the best idea is to brush the midges off your head and neck first - and we find it's effective to whirl the midgie net around your head like a maniac to get rid of the midges around you then put the net on quickly (but carefully)! The seam should be at the back of the head, not the front. The head net is a bit tailored, and people with large heads may find it a bit tight or perhaps claustrophobic at first. The material is really comfortable, so please persevere - you should get used to it. We found that with midge nets made with large amounts of netting, you could get 2 or 3 or even more folds in front of the eyes, and not be able to see a thing. Also if a net is too loose and baggy it can get tangled in low-lying branches. Our head net fits over glasses, but not over a hat - it fits easily under hats.

When taking the midge net off, don't pull from the top as it's a delicate fabric, ease it off carefully from the loosely elasticated neck. In an emergency it can be pulled off quickly. The net can be stored wet without spoiling but is better stored dry. Because of the extremely fine mesh material, our head net keeps light rain off the face, and the microfibre top is showerproof. You can safely spray our Lemon Eucalyptus midge repellent (Stop Bite is unavailable - EU regulations) on your head and neck before putting on the head net.  midge The migdy net was 4 week soak tested in Stop Bite without any damaged, and we've have had no problem with Care Plus Natural repellent. We designed it and think it's the best midge head net on the market. For sitting around outdoors we have citronella, lavender and bog myrtle candles. Advice? Try the midgieman.

 midge  midge
Our anti midge website has head net, midge repellent, after bite and candles. The Essential Oils site has carrier oils and essential oils.
We make a natural wasp and bee sting spray and also herbal foot sprays, and our main website Totally Herby of Scotland has the lot.

 Our logo is the attractive pineapple mint herb,
 a rarer seen mint and prized for its fine flavour  Bog Myrtle for a natural
 Scottish insect repellent
Unique midge net made in Scotland for
Totally Herby of Scotland
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