Midge netting

Midge Netting for tiny insects

 Home of the Midge!

Cut and packaged for us in Scotland
Available in Black, white, Green, blue, stone and pink.

Midge netting small   - 1.1m x 1.5m - £4.99
Midge netting large   - 3.0m x 1.5m - £11.99
Midge netting jumbo   - 20.0m x 1.5m - £59.99
 Midgie Head Net -
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 Made in Scotland
 by Totally Herby. UK 1st class P&P only £3.95 per Order
Worldwide midge airmail also 3.95 GBP.
Charities e.g. Act4Africa get a generous discount.
Prices (in GB Pounds) valid for at least one month.

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 Made in Scotland
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Technical info. Netting weighs 21.8gsm.
Midge netting small - pack weight 39.1 gm, netting weight 36 gm.
Midge netting large - pack weight 105 gm, netting weight 97 gm.
Midge netting jumbo - pack weight 696 gm, netting weight 684 gm.

Midge Netting packs are sold in shops around Scotland,
Wales and the Lake District, or you can BUY direct from
our central Totally Herby Secure Website with 128 bit SSL.
If your browser doesn't support SSL you can order here.

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We have had many requests for insect netting to cover house or caravan windows, or tent openings. Normal mosquito netting is too coarse for small insects like the midge, they crawl through it. Our midge netting is exactly the same very fine mesh material used in our midge head nets, and is packaged in convenient lengths. The midgie netting is made of comfortable, very fine mesh polyester, visibility is excellent. It is a delicate fabric.

The edges of the netting width - the selvage - are woven to prevent fraying, the cut ends of the lengths are plain and best overlapped. The fabric can be handwashed at no more than 30 degrees centigrade, ironed as for nylon or cooler. It can also be hung over indirect heat to smooth out crumpling.

We've been asked - how many holes per square inch? We can't get manufacturer figures so we cut and tried counting across one square inch, and got 50 to 60 before the eyes boggled. This gives a mesh size of 2,500 to 3,600 per square inch. We hope quoting this doesn't get us into trouble with Trading Standards!

The netting is 1.5 metres wide (about 60 inches) and comes in 1.1 metre (3 and a half feet) lengths, and 3 metres (10 feet). We can also provide a jumbo pack of the netting; this is 20 metres long (60 feet). All packs are available in black, white, green, blue, pink or stone.

Black is best for overall visibility, and the most popular, it's like looking through not very dark sunglasses. White netting lets through more light than black, but the problem with white is that direct light causes it to shimmer so you may see a rainbow effect, and also light can cause it to appear a little hazy looking through. It excels in the dark! The green insect netting is a more camouflage colour, like the white it can shimmer a little in bright light. The green also has an attractive two-tone effect, sometimes you see a reddy shade.

The high Quality lightweight midgie netting is packed in a resealable grip-seal bag. No fixtures, fittings or instructions are included, sorry, you'll have to fit it yourself! Some customers use sticky tape or blue tack, some use velcro. If you do use velcro, be very careful sewing and using, as the velcro will be a lot stronger than the netting. Others have made a light wooden detachable frame for the window, and stapled the netting to it. It's also suitable as mosquito netting.

Chemical repellents can dissolve plastic, even the dashboard of a car. Our netting was soak tested with Stop Bite, which was our own natural midge repellent. We also tested it with Midge Magic and Care Plus Natural, both made from Lemon Eucalyptus, and both midge repellents suitable for children from 3 months. Stop Bite natural repellent is unavailable as EU regulations (BPD - Biocidal Products Directive) wanted us to spend 300,000 euros each to prove the ingredients bog myrtle (used in beer), lavender and rosemary are safe!

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